Submission Guidelines

New England Didache: An Academic Journal at Holy Apostles College and Seminary

Submission Guidelines

A. Eligibility

  1. Student submissions must be enrolled at Holy Apostles in any concentration within the graduate philosophy and theology programs or alumni of Holy Apostles. Highly exceptional papers from the undergraduate division will also be considered for publication.
  2. All papers submitted by students ought to come with a professor’s recommendation and any feedback from the professors on the paper must be incorporated into the paper prior to submission.
  3. When the board accepts a paper for submission, the author’s work shall be subject to the review board for further refinement before publication.
  4. Each edition will highlight specific concentrations within the programs. The New England Didache publishes twice a year which will cover every concentration. Only submissions from the highlighted concentrations in each edition will be considered for publication at that time.
  5. Faculty submissions will receive an objective review and the New England Didache will only publish 3-4 faculty submissions in each journal.
  6. Persons who are not institutionally affiliated with Holy Apostles are encouraged to contact the New England Didache at NED@HolyApostles.Edu for inquiry into becoming a guest contributor.General Submission Instruction.
  7. All contributors are to submit papers to
  8. Student submissions are to be 2000-3000  words, or 4-6 single space pages in length.  This will likely increase to 3000-5000 words or 6-8 single space pages in length  after revisions made before publication. This does not include footnotes and bibliography. Faculty submissions have more flexibility in length requirements and are to be discussed with board members of the New England Didache.
  9. All submissions must be accompanied by a 150-200 word abstract describing the main thrust of the paper’s argument.
  10. Contributions are to use the Holy Apostles College and Seminary writing guidelines.
  11. In addition to an abstract, contributors are asked to offer a reflection of approximately 500 words on your paper topic. This reflection is meant to show why your topic is important and how it provides practical insight into daily life.  The idea is to show the paraenesis of your contribution.  The New England Didache strives for academic excellence but not for the sake of academics.
  12. The reflection should be given a unique title which is related to the main topic.
  13. The reflection portion ought to be well thought out and properly cited, but it is not
    meant to take on the same rigor as the scholarly portion of your contribution.
  14. Should your paper be accepted for publication, we ask for a suggested donation of $10.00 to $20.00 U.S. for the publication of the paper. This donation is to offer a stipend to our editor who will be working many hours to ensure that grammar, punctuation, and style take on a neat and professional appearance.

B. Submission Process

  1. Deadline for submissions is Friday, June 4 by 11:59 P.M. C.T.S
  2.   Papers which are taken into consideration will be returned with grammatical and content suggestions by Saturday, July 2 by 11:59 C.S.T.
  3.   Authors are to incorporate suggestions from professors and reviewers by July 21, by 11:59 C.S.T
  4.  Reviewers will choose one from each contribution for publication in Fall of 2017 and review for further refinements, if needed.

If there is anything in these guidelines which require any further clarification, please contact the New England Didache at NED@HolyApostles.Edu